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1:12 1941 Willys MB

RTR:Transmitter x 1,Receiver x1,USB Charger x1,Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAh x1, Manual x1 ,Hex Wrench Socket x1, Bind Connector x1,  Included
Function: Speed 8km/h Max, Remote Distance 30m, Smart Light Effect,2-speed Gearshift,Smart Light Effect
Endurance: 20mins

“It did everything, went anywhere, was as faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule, and as agile as a goat. It consistently carried twice what it was designed for, and still kept going. ”

 — Ernie Pyle, Pulitzer Prize-winning War Correspondent

When the Willys MB was first put into service during the 1940s it wasn’t the only light off-road vehicle on the battlefield. It wasn’t the most ground-breaking design and didn’t feature state-of-the-art technology. However it would start a revolution - designed to tackle the most extreme type of terrain, it became a reliable and versatile workhorse honored by soldiers around the World for year to come.

To recreate and capture that original love for the Willys MB, Rochobby has gone through a repeated testing and upgrading process to present you with this one-of-its-kind model: 1:12Model.

No less than its larger sibling: 1:6 1941 MB Scaler we created one year ago — it features a realistic moulded hard body finished with a delicate pad printing technique including real rear-view mirrors, a detailed dashboard, rubber tires and removable accessories such as a fuel tank, axe, shovel, hood, windshield and a top bow assembly. 

However the 1:12 1941 Willys MB features even more. More Details — such as lifelike canvas seats, a fold-down rear seat with openable bins and tires with stunning scale tread patterns. More Realistic — the Willys MB chassis features a solid ladder frame rail that mirrors its full-size counterpart, multi-leaf springs with dampers as well as offset differentials, making this vehicle exquisitely equal to the legendary historical Willys. More Versatile — the Willys MB features a fantastic LED system (four turn lights, two headlights and a blackout lamp) that helps explore the dark of night. Besides the scale finishing and detail its 2.4GHz ANT transmitter provides modelers from rookies to experts with the opportunity to enjoy exciting trails with a Two-speed transmission option (Crawling Mode and Beginner Mode), as well as alerting the user with a Low-Battery Warning, Forgotten Alarm, Motor Overload Protection, and more! 

Sometimes, Smaller really is Better. The Legend lives on – 1941 MB Willys MB!


1.Authentic full-time 4WD includes a radio transmitter & receiver and a battery.

2.Delicate army green body finished with fine pad-printing design  

3.Realistic scale detailing including canvas seats, rear-view mirrors, dashboards, leaf springs & dampers, tires and metal ladder frame rails.   

4.Additional movable scale features and accessories like rear seat, axe, shovel, two bins, windshield, rotating steering wheel and fuel tank

5.The perfect match for 1/12  figures,

6.Up to seven LED lights are included for nighttime driving.

7.Optional parts (canvas top, machine gun, and trailer) provide further scale finishing.

1:12 1941 Willys MB 1:12 Willis RTR
Remote Control:  152mm x 75mm x 167mm
Car:  278mm x 136mm x 140mm
Tire:  D:60mm , W:15mm
Wheel Base:  169mm
Ground Clearance: 24mm
Approach Angle: 41°
Departure Angle: 40° 
Mail Order Box:  372 x 296 x 172mm
Outer Box: 910 x 392 x 375mm
Item No: RC12001RTR
RTR: Transmitter x 1,Receiver x1,USB   Charger x1,Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAh x1, Manual x1 ,Hex Wrench Socket x1,   Bind Connector x1,  Included
Packing: Epp Environmental Protection Box   + Color Sleeve + Mail Order Box + Outer Box
Outer Box: One Box (6 Boxes)
Brand: Rochobby
Function:  Speed 8km/h Max, Remote Distance   30m, Smart Light Effect,2-speed Gearshift,Smart Light Effect


2.4G Transmitter+2in1 ESC&Receiver
3Y 9g Digital Servo X3
180 Brushed Motor






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