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1:18 Katana-Red

RTR: (Transmitter x 1,Receiver x1,USB Charger x1,Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAh x1, Manual x1 ,Hex Wrench Socket x1, Bind Connector x1,  Included)
Function: Speed 5km/h Max,  Remote Distance 80m, Smart Light Effect
Climbing Angle: 42 degrees
Endurance: 30mins

Looking for a mini scaler that's dependable, detailed and confident on any terrain? 

Introducing the Toyota LC80 Land Cruiser.

From the period-correct lights and functioning indicators to vents on the vehicle body, the Land Cruiser was designed to static-model standards. Even the interior is painstakingly recreated in 1:18 scale.

A feature-packed trail-proven chassis drives the Land Cruiser. Aluminum rails provide a rigid platform while a multilink geometry with panhard bar chassis design allows for maximum axle articulation.

Power is delivered from the super high-torque gearbox to ultra grippy beadlock tires via nylon driveshafts.

Water-resistant 2S 7.4V electronics consists of an independent servo, 2-in-1 receiver/ESC, 050 motor and 7.4V 600mAh battery; Allowing for high power-to-weight ratio and all weather operations.

If you want the best looking, best performing 1:18 scaler on the market, look no further than the  Land Cruiser LC80!

1. Injection-molded hard body  

2. Functional hood 

3. Scale interior features  

4. Multifunctional light control system ( CH3 for on/off and functional indicators)

5. Rhino bumper kit & roof rack 

6. High traction M/T tire with 1.0 inch internal bead lock wheel  

7. Realistic pinion & ring gear axle  

8. High torque transmission with 104:1 FDL 

9. Water resistant electronics with 2.4GHz radio

10. High torque over-sized 55T brushed motor  

11. 7.4V 2S Lipo battery providing up to 30 minute run time.  

12. Chassis- mounted servo  

13. Aluminum frame rails 

14. Tuned coil shocks 

1:18 Katana   Adventurer V2 RTR (Silver Gun)
Battery:  20.5 x 51 x 15mm
Remote Control:  136 x 68.5 x 167mm
Car:  280 x 116 x 135mm
Tire:  D:56mm, W: 19.2mm
Wheel Base:  F: 155mm R: 60.5mm
Ground Clearance: 34mm
Approach Angle: 58.5°
Departure Angle: 44°
Mail Box:  412x 172 x 163mm
Carton:  540 x 423 x 350mm
Remote Control: 130g (Without Battery)
Car:  460g (Without Battery)
Battery:  30g
Total Weight Of Mail Order Box: 1.1kg (Single Battery)
Total Weight Of The Outer Carton: 7.5kg (Single Battery)
Item No: ROC0004RTR
Metal Beam, Some   Metal Teeth, Silver Spray Gun
RTR : Transmitter x 1,Receiver x1,USB   Charger x1,Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAh x1, Manual x1 ,Hex Wrench Socket x1,   Bind Connector x1,  Included
Epp Environmental   Protection Box + Color Box + Outer Box General Distribution: Epp   Environmental Protection Box + Color Box + Mail Order Box + Outer Box(Please   Notify In Advance When Placing An Order)
Outer Box: Six In One Box(6x2 Boxes)
Features:  Speed 5km/h Max,  Remote Distance 80m, Smart Light Effect
Climbing Angle: 42 degrees 
Endurance: 30mins 30mins
2.4G   Transmitter+2in1 20A ESC&Receiver,3 Channel
3Y 1kg Digital Servo
050 Brushed Motor






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