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1:18 Atlas 6x6-Blue

Brand: FMS
RTR: (Includes Remote Control Receiver, Usb Charger, Rechargeable Battery, Manual, Screwdriver, Socket, Pairing Cable, Spring)<----Dual battery
Function: Speed 5km/h Max,  Remote Distance 80m, Smart Light Effect
Climbing Angle: 42 degrees
Endurance: 30mins

Atlas 6x6:

Introducing the FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6- The perfect blend of modern chassis design and old-school cool.

Despite its compact footprint, the Atlas 6x6 is a robust crawler with features usually found on much larger vehicles.

The specially designed high-torque gearbox delivers the torque of the 100T motor to all 6 wheels via a proven 6x6 drive system. Expert-tuned spring shocks allow the vehicle to articulate while the anodized aluminum chassis rails maintain chassis stiffness. Soft, big-block tires on beadlocks give the vehicle maximum traction over challenging terrain.

See a puddle ahead? Drive on with confidence! With a waterproof electronics package, the Atlas can operate in shallow water without breaking a sweat. Preinstalled AUX power port on the receiver allow for easy-installation of FPV systems or lighting packs.

Take an extra battery with you in the tool compartment located under the roll cage for extended adventures!

Don’t miss out on the versatile, go- anywhere fun of the FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6!

Features:                                                                       微信截图_20210607230750

1. True ladder frame truck chassis 

2. 6x6 All-wheel-drive system 6x6 

3. High torque transmission ( FDL 104:1 ) 

4. High-grip big block M/T tires 

5. 1.0 inch beadlock truck rims 

6. True scale pinion & ring gear axles 

7. Waterproof electronics 

8. Matte painted lexan body with clear windows 

9. Front and rear LED lights 

10. Aluminum anodized chassis rails 

11. Functional spare tire and tool box 

12. 100T high torque motor 100T 

13. Long run time ( up to 30 minutes) 

14. Chassis mounted servo with panhard bar 

1:18 Atlas 6x6   1:18 Bullfighter RTR
Battery:  20.5 x 51 x 15mm
Remote Control:  136 x 68.5 x 167mm
Car:  296.5 x 113.5 x 129mm
Tire:  D:55mm, :20mm
Wheel Base:  F: 155mm R: 60.5mm
Ground Clearance: 30mm
Approach Angle: 64°
Departure Angle: 84°
Mail Order Box: 412x 170 x 163mm
Carton:  540 x 423 x 350mm
Remote Control: 130g (Without Battery)
Car:  430g (Without Battery)
Battery:  30g
The Total Weight Of The Package: 1.07kg (Single Battery)
Total Weight Of The Outer Carton: 7.25kg (Single Battery)
Item No: ROC002RTR-RD / ROC002RTR-BU
RTR: Includes Remote Control   Receiver, Usb Charger, Rechargeable Battery, Manual, Screwdriver, Socket,   Pairing Cable, Spring<----Dual battery
Package:  Epp Environmental Protection Box + Color Sleeve + Mail Order Box
Outer Box: Six In One Box
Brand:  FMS
Features:  Speed 5km/h Max,  Remote Distance 80m, Smart Light Effect
Climbing Angle: 42 degrees 
Endurance: 30mins 30mins
2.4G Transmitter+2in1 20A ESC&Receiver,3 Channel
3Y 1kg Digital Servo
050Brush Motor









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