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1400MM Pitts Bipe

Wingspan: 1400mm/55.1in
Overall Length: 1,297mm/50in
Flying Weight:  Around 3,500g  
Motor Size: Brushless 4258-KV460
ESC: 50A
Servo: 17g Servo x 4
Radio: 4 Channel

The Pitts Special is a light aerobatic biplane designed by Curtis Pitts. It has accumulated many competitions wins since its first flight in 1944. The Pitts biplanes dominated world aerobatic competition in the 1960s and 1970s and, even today, remain a potent competition aircraft in the lower categories.

Built upon the successful V1 Pitts biplane, FMS is proud to announce the brand-new Pitts V2. Redesigned with a massive 1400mm wingspan, the Pitts V2 is constructed of lightweight and robust EPO foam material. Proprietary connector plugs built into the wing structure means that the wings can be attached to and detached from the fuselage using just a few screws. The slide-fit wing struts are just as simple, slide them on in just a few seconds and the wing is securely braced!

An oversized battery bay accommodates most 6S packs with ease- giving the pilot ample power to attempt all aerobatic maneuvers. Hobbywing 50A ESC provides bulletproof performance!

While ensuring that the Pitts Special is faithfully recreated, FMS has worked hard to minimize its profit margins in the hopes that pilots who love the Pitts V2 will find it affordable.

With graceful lines from a bygone era, robust airframe and a state-of-the-art power system, the Pitts V2 is a model you shouldn’t miss!



1. Power: 4258 brushless motor, 50A Hobbywing-sourced ESC, 17g servos

2. Realistic trim scheme, rivets, panel lines and pilot figure

3. Screw-together assembly greatly reduces assembly time

4. Oversized battery compartment for larger, more powerful 6S packs

5. Robust and durable EPO construction

Wingspan: 1400mm/55.1in
Overall Length: 1,297mm/50in
Flying Weight: Around 3,500g  
Motor Size: Brushless 4258-KV460
ESC: 50A
Servo: 17g Servo x 4
Radio: 4 Channel
CG (Center Of Gravity): 90mm (From Leading Edge)
Prop Size: 15*9, 2 Blades
Recommended Battery: Li-Po 22.2V 4000mAh 25C
Aileron: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: No
Retracts: No
Approx. Flying Duration: 5min
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
Experience Level: Expert
Assembly Time: 1 hour
Wing Load: 54.8g/d㎡
Wing Area: 60.2d㎡

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1400mm Pitts Bipe 比斯





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