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1700MM F4U

Wingspan: 1700mm /66.9 in
Overall Length: 1360mm /53.5 in
Flying Weight: Around 5300g
Motor Size: 5060 KV300
ESC: 80A
Servo: 17gX8pcs
Radio: 6CH Channel

The inverted gull-wings of the Vought F4U Corsair is one of the most identifiable icons of the Second world war and Korean war. Known for its blistering speeds, high climb rate, survivability and firepower, the Corsair achieved an amazing 11:1 kill:loss ratio against Japanese fighters in the Pacific theater. 


FMS is proud to introduce the all-new 1700mm F4U V3.

Powered by a 6S power system, Hobbywing 80A ESC, 5060 motor and a 11x18 four bladed prop, the F4U V3 has an extremely wide flight-envelope: adrenaline-pumping speeds and deceivingly trainer-like slow speed performance; making the Corsair one of the easiest flying warbirds on the market today.


Committed to creating the most visually realistic aircraft on the market, FMS has added numerous scale features onto the 1700mm F4U V3.

Pitot tubes, missile racks, auxiliary fuel tank, aerials, exhausts, realistic tail gear, pilot figure etc. allow the aircraft to look statically realistic.

Rotating electric retracts, 3 position flaps, navigation and landing lights, slow retracting gear bay doors add to the dynamic realism of the aircraft.

Operating out of an unpaved airstrip? The shock-absorbing metal retracts with bearing-equipped wheels not only look great, they greatly reduce airframe stress during ground operations.

The screw-together assembly and plug type wing connectors make the assembly process a breeze.

Turn heads at the field with the 1700mm F4U V3- a must have for every warbird fan.




1. Upgraded 5060 brushless motor with high-performance Hobbywing 80A ESC

2. Upgraded 18x11 four-bladed scale propeller

3. Upgraded CNC metal, electric, shock-absorbing retracts

4. Removable vertical stabilizer for easy transportation

5. Upgraded large battery compartment with a latch-type canopy

6. Improved hinge design

7. Extremely detailed airframe

8. Bearing-equipped durable wheels

9. Screw-together assembly with plug connectors

10. Preinstalled ball-link pushrods

Wingspan: 1700mm /66.9 in
Overall Length: 1360mm /53.5 in
Flying Weight: Around 5300g
Motor Size: 5060 KV300
ESC: 80A
Servo: 17gX8pcs
Servo: 17gX2pcs
Servo: 9gX2pcs
Radio: 6CH Channel
CG (Center Of Gravity): 115-125mm
Prop Size: 18*11
Recommended Battery: 22.2V 5000mAh 35c
Aileron: Yes 
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: Yes
Approx. Flying Duration: 6minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
Experience Level: Mid To High
Assembly Time: 20minutes
Wing Load: 97.8g/dm² (0.22oz/in²)
Wing Area: 54.2dm² (840.1

1700mm F4U 海盗





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