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FMS 1:18 Toyota Hilux 1983 RTR Pickup Trucks

Battery: 43 x 19.8 x 12mm
Remote: mm x mm x mm
Car: 326mm x 135mm x 130mm
Tire: D:55mm , W:20mm
Wheelbase Wheel Base : 196mm
Ground Clearance: 35mm
Approach Angle: 55°
Departure Angle: 37°
Mail order box: 412 x 172 x 163MM
Outer box: 544 x 423 x 354MM

Remote control: 150g (without battery)
Car: g (without battery)
Battery: 19.6g
Mail order box packaging total weight: 1.2kg
Total weight of outer carton: 8.04kg (single battery)


Pickup trucks can carry both people and cargo, and the Toyota Hilux has taken the world by storm. Whether in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia or the deserts of Africa, you can always find Hilux in these places. Even in war-torn regions such as Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan, the local armed forces convert the Hilux into military vehicles equipped with machine guns. In the North American market, the pickup's spiritual home, the Hilux, is no less.

The TV show Top Gear has conducted a series of tests on the Hilux - driving a 13-year-old car for about 300,000 kilometers, hitting trees, submerging in sea water, hitting a trailer, and even burning the cockpit! But even with such damage, the Hilux can still function. In the end, the Hilux was placed on the roof of a 73-meter-tall building and blown up. Smoke billowed, but from the rubble, the Hilux could still be restarted. These experiments were the perfect testament to the Hilux's durability, quality and reliability, and culminated in the Toyota Hilux being shown at the Top Gear studio as a lifetime guest of honor.

This officially licensed FMS Hilux third-generation late-stage Hilux, with an outdated grille and headlights, is arguably the more attractive circular setup on earlier rigs. With a lowered load height tailgate, a spacious cab and a sunken frame, the FMS Hilux inherits a revolutionary "square body", perfectly replicated in 4WD, metal cross member, aluminium frame rails and reliable multi-link The suspension system of a real car.

From the classic yellow body paint with sporty stripes to the fantastic silver power mirrors, lifelike interior trim, center console and steering wheel to the opening tailgate and ridged cargo box, designer sophistication is what you get on the Hilux perfect expression. The spacious bed allows you to experiment with different cargoes in the most classic Hilux look.

Open the hood and explore the spacious interior, where the ESC, receiver and battery are all easily accessible, making upgrades a breeze.

The light group has light control functions linked to the light control plug-in, including headlights, turn signals and backup lights. Tires and wheels from real trucks, moulded with a soft all-terrain pattern to drive on any terrain.

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