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Factors affecting RC car engine power

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-05      Origin: Site

For the engine tuning of the rc car, it is necessary to think clearly before tuning - what is the purpose of doing so. At the same time, to adjust the rc car engine, the most basic theoretical knowledge is essential, otherwise it is just a blind adjustment.

The internal combustion engine for car model is characterized by high power density, high speed, small displacement, relatively strong material, simple structure and easy maintenance. These characteristics are interdependent but mutually exclusive, ultimately forming what is called a "system".

As a rc car power system that works stably and can perform energy conversion, no matter what its working state is, whether it is at the best efficiency or not, the first thing to know is that this system is generally balanced. If one or several external conditions change, the equilibrium will be disrupted, and the system may stop functioning because the equilibrium state is invalid.


Take a model car engine as an example, if it is a new engine, it has not been run in or adjusted; all you need to do now is to make it ignite and run. According to this purpose, you first close the main oil needle and the auxiliary oil needle completely, and then open a certain flow for the initial ignition. Then you try to ignite him in the way specified by this engine. If, at this time, you successfully ignite the engine, and it will not turn off in a short time, it means that its balance has been established.

But this balance point may not be what you want, because it may run with noise, or chase oil. To solve these problems, you need to run him in; of course, when running in, you must ensure that it does not turn off, that is, to ensure the balance of the system. Constantly adjust the oil needle, add shims in time, raise or lower the idle speed. If these operations are slightly inadvertent, then the rc car may stall and show you, this is the engine saying: "Stop! Your adjustment here makes other parts of my body feel uncomfortable, you have to check again!"

Of course, this is an anthropomorphic performance, and the essence of this phenomenon is: "When the balance of the rc car engine is broken, the system will automatically search for another equilibrium state, but during this search process, the system may A state of equilibrium is invalid and stops functioning."

Therefore, the ultimate goal of adjusting the system of the RC engine is to make the system achieve a balance when it adapts to the external environment and outputs the maximum power.

So what are the external factors that affect the system the most?

Most people may not realize it, but this factor is especially important for the impact of rc car engines, and that is - weather, and the basic factor of weather formation - climate.

The three factors of "temperature, air pressure and relative humidity" are the most important determinants of the working conditions of all internal combustion engines. Due to the simple structure of RC internal combustion engines, it is impossible to have more working condition maintenance mechanisms, so it is necessary to Appropriate adjustment to adapt to changes in the environment.


There are often rc car enthusiasts asking questions such as "how many turns of the main oil needle and auxiliary oil needle of a certain engine need to be adjusted". In fact, there is no way to answer these questions, and it is impossible to have a correct answer. Geographical location and climate affect the engine differently. And even in the same place, the temperature, air pressure and relative humidity vary from day to day. For example, cities on the east coast and west coast of the United States have very different climates, so the adjustment method of the rc car engine in these two places cannot be universal.

According to the heat engine theory, any internal combustion engine has only one optimal operating point or one optimal working area under certain external conditions. When the manufacturer develops the engine, it is developed and tested according to the environment of "20 degrees Celsius, 1 standard atmospheric pressure" , so no two regional engine settings will be exactly the same. Of course, through the current technical means, the external conditions can be changed artificially, such as the supercharging system, or the preheating system, and even through the ECU control, the oil and gas mixture can be adjusted in real time according to the humidity change. These means can make the heat engine close to the best working conditions.

The machinery that converts thermal energy into kinetic energy, such as steam engines, internal combustion engines, and jet engines, all belong to heat engines. Only the internal combustion engine is focused on here, and in the internal combustion engine, only the two-stroke internal combustion engine is focused on. In an internal combustion engine cylinder, the combustion of fuel releases thermal energy. The thermal energy causes the volume of the gas in the cylinder to expand, and at the same time, it is accompanied by changes in the number of microscopic particles, and then works outward through the reciprocating mechanism, which is finally converted into kinetic energy.

From this simple principle, the combustion efficiency of the fuel will directly affect the efficiency of the heat engine. Of course, there are other factors that affect the efficiency of the heat engine. In simple terms, the efficiency of a two-stroke RC internal combustion engine is the ratio of how much energy your tires output after burning a full tank of fuel to the thermal energy after the full tank of fuel is completely burned.

Because the current technology and technology are close to a bottleneck, and there are many restrictions such as competition regulations, increasing the displacement of the RC engine can no longer achieve the effect of increasing the output power. At this time, if you want to improve efficiency, the best way is to let the engine adapt to the environment. Many engines do not work under suitable conditions, so many rc car enthusiasts complain that their engines do not have good power output or even work erratically.

The engine must adapt to the environment to work best. However, it is very difficult to fully understand the influence of the three external environmental factors of temperature, air pressure and relative humidity on the engine, because we cannot observe the state and the state of microscopic particles from the microscopic level. The conduct of chemical reactions.

Generally speaking, an engine with a smaller working volume is more sensitive to the oil needle setting and is more affected by weather changes; for an engine with a larger working volume, the opposite is true, and it is less sensitive to the oil needle setting and weather changes. sensitive.

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