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How playable is the FPV gameplay of RC remote control aircraft?

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Regarding the battery life of RC remote-control aircraft, RC batteries are generally lithium polymer batteries. According to the size of the aircraft, there are batteries of different capacities to choose from. If the RC remote control aircraft manufacturer advises not to fly violently, if the technology is better and the wind power is perfect enough, Flying continuously for a long time is no problem.

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The power of the RC remote control aircraft is high, but generally, people who play RC will be equipped with several batteries, and the battery life is ultimately no problem. The RC remote control model industry has a particular term called "FPV," which is the abbreviation of First Person View, "main first-person perspective." It is a wireless camera based on the remote control aviation model. See how the screen controls the model.

With a simple modification, you can use the model aircraft for FPV, add a flat panel antenna and remote control range extension equipment, add an automatic cruise system, OSD video synthesis (display battery voltage, current, power,) and GPS positioning ( Display the coordinates of take-off and the distance and direction from take-off, altitude, and speed) and equipment for uncontrolled return, making FPV more playable.
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