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How to properly maintain remote control cars?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-10      Origin: Site

When many players play remote control cars, they often neglect the maintenance of remote control cars. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the car is very important. Not only does it keep the car's high performance and consistency, but it avoids adding extra charges. But how to maintain the remote control car? Today remote control cars manufacture will give you a brief introduction.


1. Double check the remote control cars

It is necessary to check the car before starting to avoid further damage. To ensure that key parts or screws are tight enough, if not, you need to recalibrate these parts, including the battery, to ensure that the lithium battery is working well, if there is a safety hazard, the battery needs to be replaced immediately.

2. Timely cleaning

After driving or drifting from muddy dunes, remote control cars can be full of sand and mud. If you don't clean your car right away and just throw it away, your car's lifespan will be shortened and parts will be prone to heavy wear. After driving, turn off the power before removing the battery. If the battery pack is still half charged, it should be discharged and then stored in a special fireproof bag. But be careful not to over-discharge or it will damage the battery.

3. Regularly check and clean tires

There are many different tires for different types of terrain. Therefore, you need to change the tires according to the applicable field for remote control cars. It protects the wheels from unnecessary damage. Also, it is crucial to clean your tires regularly. First you can wash the tires with warm water and a toothbrush, this method is easy to clean the dirt. Then wash and brush again with soap and the remaining dirt will be completely removed. Your car can only maintain high performance if the wheels are cleaned regularly.

4. Clean the motor

In addition to the RC tires, the motor is a critical part that needs careful cleaning. Just like the tires, there is a lot of dirt inside the motor. Therefore, you can use a brush blower to remove dust.




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