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How to restore power to RC car engine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-16      Origin: Site

At some point, rc car enthusiasts will find that the engine of the rc car is underpowered and the acceleration is not as strong as before. The first reaction of many people is to close the main oil needle to obtain more power. Although this method can increase the power, it will indirectly increase the engine temperature. And this can easily lead to another problem. Many people think that the increase in engine temperature is a sign of the aging engine.

In fact, there are many factors that affect the power of the engine, such as the clutch block, the clutch spring, the air filter and the sealing problem between the various parts of the engine, etc. These factors may cause the engine with strong power to not perform as it should. Power makes the engine weak and powerless. Let's talk about the impact and solutions of these problems:

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1. Clutch block wear: The most common is that when the clutch block is worn to the level of the clutch spring, the hard spring will rub against the clutch cup. This problem will lead to a significant drop in engine power.

The fix: put on a new set of swing blocks and you'll find your engine comes back to life! Although everyone knows this common sense, there are not many people who often check the clutch block, so be diligent. If you find that the block is ground to the spring, you should replace it with a new block.

2. The clutch spring becomes soft: now the commercially available swing blocks generally do not have springs, so many rc car enthusiasts use a set of clutch springs for a long time without replacing them. Some springs are of poor quality, and after a long time of use, they will begin to soften slowly, and their hardness is not as good as before. The spring stiffness becomes soft, the clutch sling will engage too early, and the engine acceleration will feel dull.

Solution: It is not easy to find that the hardness of the spring becomes soft. The simple solution is to straighten the installed spring block by hand. If it is found that the straightened spring is obviously not as tight as before, it is necessary to replace the new spring at this time.

3. The air intake of the air filter cotton is not smooth: Generally speaking, the air intake speed is very fast when the engine is running at high speed, but if the air filter cotton is too dirty and the air intake is blocked, the power of the engine will naturally decrease. If you lock it again The oil needle will overheat the engine.

Solution: Therefore, in normal use, you need to check the inner air filter frequently. If it is found to be dirty, you may try a clean inner air filter. Maybe you will find that the engine suddenly becomes faster! Be sure to change a clean air filter cotton every time you go out of the sports car. Here I would like to remind everyone that it is impossible to wash the empty filter cotton completely. After repeated use of the empty filter cotton that has been washed many times, it will gradually become less and less smooth, so it is best to prepare several new empty filter cottons. 

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4. There are parts of the engine that leak: No matter how good the quality of the engine is, some rubber sealing rings will also age, which will easily cause the engine to leak. Engine leakage is not easy to detect. It is generally manifested as unstable engine state, high and low idle speed, and it is difficult to adjust to the best state. Generally speaking, the most vulnerable parts of the engine are the junction of the carburetor and the brake, as well as the junction of the engine rear cover, the exhaust port and the elbow.

Solution: Usually, you need to check these parts frequently to check whether these parts are always wet and whether there are oil leaks. If there are these problems, you need to replace a new sealing rubber ring. If you cannot buy a sealing ring, you need to use the high temperature resistant silicone to fill the leaking parts with silicone, and let it dry overnight to prevent the engine. air leak

In short, the power of RC car does not rely on the engine alone, but also on the cooperation of the transmission system, tires and other components to exert the best power. If there is a problem in any one of the links, the power cannot be fully exerted. When you find that your motivation is not as good as before, try to check and solve it according to the above factors, maybe it will solve your problem.

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