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Recommendations for purchasing remote control cars equipment

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-02      Origin: Site

RC equipment is actually the same as any electronic equipment. There are bound to be performance differences in price. But there will be no essential difference. Brand mobile phones can make calls, and some non-brand mobile phones can also make calls. There are good and bad equipment for remote control cars

1:18 TOYOTA Land Cruiser 80

RC equipment can be divided into consumable parts and durable parts, consumable parts such as frame, battery, remote control, steering gear, ESC, motor. Durable parts include, bag, swivel gauge, charger and power supply. As for some other bits and pieces of wire, joints and other small things and tires with the most wear and tear are out of the discussion.

Consumables: battery, motor, frame, steering gear, ESC, remote control. Durability is basically in this order.

First of all, the two most powerful devices, the battery and the motor, have strong attenuation. Performance changes significantly over time and frequency of use. Under normal use of the frame, the best use period is about one year or one and a half years. With the loss of the frame, and the manufacturer's updated products. After a year, basically the frame entered a period of decline in performance and accessories availability. The loss of the servo, ESC, and remote control will be smaller than the first three. Especially the servos and remote controls, it is not without problems after 2 or 3 years of use, and the performance will also be attenuated, the most important of which is the loss of potentiometers. With the introduction of new ESCs, old models can also be counted as consumables. Due to the program upgrade, the service life of the ESC can be extended (generally means that the performance is not outdated). Durable power supplies, chargers, swivel gauges, tools, cart bags. Basically these things can be used for more than two years under the premise of quality assurance. The three categories of shunting rulers, tools, and bags. Basically, it can be considered real estate.

It is not difficult to see from the above analysis. Some RC devices can be used for many years, and some RC devices may need to be updated soon. Therefore, as a player who is dedicated to playing or willing to devote himself to the interest of RC, there should be a rational allocation of investment. Durable parts may wish to buy slightly more expensive products with good reputation. Because these things are often used and you won't be able to change them if you don't play. As for consumables, according to their own purposes, invest and choose products that they can afford. For consumables, the performance difference is basically the same as the monetary difference, and the feeling is often the most direct. Or to put it more simply, durable parts are a foundation, and consumable parts are the most influential to your car play process.




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