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Remote control system for custom rc car and rc jet airplane

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-23      Origin: Site

The reason why RC is called RC is largely because of the remote control system. The remote control is generally composed of two parts, one is the remote control and the other is the receiver. 

After years of development of remote control technology, the current remote control technology has evolved from AM and FM to the current 2.4G frequency band, which greatly strengthens the control distance and control accuracy of the remote control. 

Now remote controllers generally use digital technology, so many functions can be achieved through software, such as four-wheel steering, brake mixing, etc. A good remote control can account for 1/3 or even half of the price of the entire RC model.

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The current remote control generally has two types, namely gun control and board control. Gun control is generally suitable for various plane remote control models, such as custom rc car or ship model. The board control is generally suitable for rc jet airplane and complex operation models.

The remote control can also be divided according to the number of operable channels. The custom rc car and ship model need the most basic 2 channels to control. Some of them have a shift mechanism or need to control the lights, which may require 3 to 4 channels of remote control. However, the current rc jet airplane requires 6~8 channels or even 10+ channels to operate according to its needs.




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