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The difference between RC remote control car and an ordinary remote control car

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-24      Origin: Site

RC remote control covers a wide range, generally including car models, aircraft models, ship models, etc. If the scope is more extensive, it even includes drones and robots used in the military.

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So are the electric remote control toys played with by children counted as RC?

RC remote control car manufacturers remind us that the kind of 180 yuan remote control car and remote control plane purchased online can only be regarded as children's remote control toys.

Compared with ordinary remote control cars and remote control planes, the RC remote control model generally adopts the vector operation mode, which means that the joystick of the remote control has a size and direction and can precisely control the movements of the remote control model; in addition, the RC model also has The same mechanical principle and structure as the actual car, ordinary toys do not have this feature.

And the remote control distance of RC models is generally much farther than ordinary toys. In addition to the above three points, many details distinguish the RC model from the ordinary RC car.

Now everyone can understand the difference between RC models and toys.




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