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The role and characteristics of the gyroscope of RC aircraft

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-11      Origin: Site

The gyroscope of RC aircraft is a kind of directional device in layman's terms. Compared with the general gyroscope, the effect of the use of the RC aircraft gyroscope is different.

The specific role of the RC aircraft gyroscope is to ensure that the direction pointed by the rotation axis of the rotating object can maintain the direction when it is not affected by external forces. Riding a bicycle is also this principle, the wheel turns fast instead of falling down easily. The embodiment of this principle in the remote control aircraft is to give the remote control aircraft a force, the remote control aircraft motor quickly rotate up to hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute, and then use a variety of methods to read the direction indicated by the axis, and then automatically transmit the data signal to the control system, so as to achieve the effect of maintaining the balance of the aircraft


Features of aircraft gyro effect:

1. Fixed axis.

When the gyro rotor rotates at very high speed, it will produce inertia to keep the gyro rotor rotation axis pointing in a fixed direction, this physical phenomenon is generally known as RC aircraft gyroscope fixed axis, according to the quality of the rotor, generally the larger the rotation radius and speed the greater the fixed axis will be.

2. Reverse motion

The rotation axis will not move in the direction of the applied force, so if there is an external force acting on the rotating axis of the rotor of the gyroscope rotor in rotation, but in the direction of rotation of the rotor along the 90 degrees perpendicular to the direction of the applied force will not change.

3. Stable control.

The flying toy or model equipped with RC aircraft gyroscope element has very good stability effect in control and flight function, so it improves safety and operability.

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