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What is Drifting RC Car?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-28      Origin: Site

Drifting RC Car is a new type of remote control cars in recent years. For most players, "Drifting" is synonymous with out of control, but the real "drift" is to control the car while it is floating, remote control drifting model car It is a model car born to allow the operator to drift out of the desired walking route at will.

Drift cars are generally developed or modified based on 1/10 RV frames. They are equipped with a specially designed suspension system to make it easier for the car to drift. The electric motor or methanol engine is used as the power. With a little practice, players can immediately experience the unique fun brought by the drift car! Even onlookers will be impressed by the real appearance and cool drifting action of the drifting remote control model car!


Because the drifting remote control car does not need too high walking speed, the popular drifting remote control model cars are generally powered by batteries and electric motors.

In addition to the drifting attitude, the gorgeous body and various modified parts are also an indispensable magic weapon for drifting cars! Players can choose different styles of drifting car shells, such as AE86, Rally Subaru, VIP style Lexus modified car shells, etc. After selecting the car shell, players can personalize the car shell, spray the favorite color, paste Put on all kinds of car decorations, put on different styles of rims, and add light components, a drift remote control model car is displayed in front of you like a real drift car! Turn on the remote control and start the crazy remote control car drifting!




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