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What is a SAFE device for RC planes?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

When you browse some RC airplane websites and related information, you may notice something called safety receiver, many RC airplanes are equipped with this device now, what is this device? What is this device and what can it do to the RC aircraft?

  1. SAFE Technology

The purpose of SAFE technology is to help or assist inexperienced RC operators to reduce the difficulty in operating RC planes and gain confidence when operating them.

2. Artificial Stabilization Tri-Axis System

The manual stabilization tri-axis system is a system specially installed on the RC aircraft to ensure that the RC aircraft can maintain horizontal stability in flight even under the maximum wind conditions. The three-axis system works by using sensors on the control surface of the aircraft to monitor and analyze the flight environment data, thus making the flight smoother.


3. Three different flight modes

The SAFE receiver has three flight modes which are pre-programmed and this can be operated by three gear switches on the manipulator. These three modes can be generally referred to as primary, intermediate and advanced modes. The first two modes limit the amount of movement on the aircraft, primary mode - 15 degrees of tilt angle. Intermediate mode - 30 degree tilt angle, and in advanced mode, the aircraft will move at an unrestricted angle. 4.

4. Recovery mode

Inexperienced controllers often have problems with losing control of the RC plane due to lack of experience when they are controlling the plane. Weak experience does not allow them to regain the control. This is the time when the recovery mode comes into play.

Just press the recovery mode button to activate the recovery mode, the RC plane will automatically adjust back to a safe attitude, thus allowing the operator to regain control of the plane, which is an important and useful performance mode for inexperienced novices.

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