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What is an RC remote control car?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-04      Origin: Site

RC remote control car, referred to as RC Car, is a scaled-down version of various real racing cars. RC Car has the same mechanical principle, similar structure, and handling characteristics as the actual car.

The RC remote control car is considered a "hobby" rather than a "toy" because the remote control model requires the player to have specific knowledge and skills, which is essentially different from a toy that can be controlled and played with without any knowledge. Players can not only have fun in the control model but also continuously learn new knowledge in the model, exercise their thinking ability, and have the hands-on ability, so the remote control model is a beneficial hobby. However, driving RC remote control car can not sit. The wireless remote control can only control the steering wheel in the car, but in fact, the pleasure obtained through the eyes is not inferior to sitting in a real car. Because you control the RC car, you can enjoy the thrill of lightning speed and strong cornering ability.

custom remote control cars

If speed is not your pursuit, you can choose a remote control car with a high degree of simulation or with various exciting functions, such as watching a real container truck walking, driving a big bicycle to conquer the rough road, and also a fun remote control enjoyment.

The RC remote control car can be generally divided into two categories according to the power source. The first category is the "electric RC remote control car (EP RC Car)" driven by the battery/electric motor, and the second category is the "remote control car" with the internal combustion engine as the power output. Car (GP RC Car)".

According to the proportion, RC Car is divided into 1/28, 1/18, 1/10, 1/8, 1/5, and other proportions. For example, 1/10, the model's size is about one-tenth of the actual car. RC remote control car can be a high-tech product, widely used many advanced materials and technologies, such as carbon fiber, titanium alloy, and aviation aluminum, which are widespread parts materials in remote control cars. Moreover, the latest electronic technology and digital technology have also been applied to the remote control car for the first time, so the RC remote control car is by no means an easy-to-use toy.




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