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FMS Model-2021 Best New 1/18 RC Crawler Review

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-14      Origin: Site

For RC model enthusiasts, it’s always exciting to explore something new and bring your RC crawler to rock the sand, the mud, and garden, any terrain. In this case, FMS is ready to set a professional Best New 1/18 RC Crawler Collections Review which will help to find a suitable vehicle for your purpose.


We all know that there are few RC vehicles suitable for off-road driving, let alone it will feature authentic injection-molded hard bodies. The past 8 months of 2021 has seen FMS Model introduced more and more RC crawlers with different scale, different speed included. Here you can find the 5 models of the 1/18 series, which are deeply loved by consumers. Now, let's compare the characteristics and parameters of these 5 models, you can choose the style you like.


FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6

FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6 is a robust crawler with features usually found on much larger vehicles. As a six-wheel and six-wheel drive climbing vehicle, 1:18 is small in size, but very powerful. A great gift for both kids and adults, extra an extraordinary playing feel! The professional transmitter of the remote control car brings you a far superior experience.




Check here for its detailed features: FMS 1/18 Atlas 6×6


FMS 1:18 Katana

ROC Hobby 1:18 Katana is the best-looking and performance 1:18 mini off-road climbing car on the market. Katana's design meets the static model standards. The crane can precisely control the vehicle according to your operation. You can enjoy the fun of driving for about 30 mins a time which depends on the operation.


冒险家 katana 红色


Check here for its detailed features: FMS 1:18 Katana


FMS 1:18 Toyota LC80 Land Cruise

1:18 Toyota LC80 Land Cruise is an off-road climbing vehicle with collection and operation value. A feature-packed trail-proven chassis drives the Land Cruiser. Ready to adventurer to walk in any weather and terrain. Splash and waterproof electronic components make this truck an all-terrain vehicle. Provide you with endless and exciting entertainment in off-road and highway environments.




Check here for its detailed features: FMS 1:18 Toyota LC80 Land Cruise


EAZYRC 1:18 Patriot

EAZYRC 1:18 Patriot s a great choice for any level off-road vehicle enthusiast. 1/18 full proportional vehicle with injection-molded hard body. The remote control car equipped with sturdy tires can easily conquer all terrains and strong grip, ensuring a smooth running experience even on sand, mud, stones, grass, and snow. Its full-scale steering function provides a real-world driving experience and brings the greatest pleasure.


雪山风暴 patriot


Check here for its detailed features: EAZYRC 1:18 Patriot


EAZYRC 1 :18 Arizona

EAZYRC 1:18 Arizona is a super crawler that can conquer all terrains. It has 4 wheel drive and 4 wheels independent suspensions. Its excellent power reserve ability ensures continuous power output. Featured with 4 Wheel Drive and supported by 4 independent suspensions, the RTR remote control truck can gain strong power and marvelous protection from collisions and a great increase on minimum safe dropping altitude. EAZYRC 1:18 Arizona is a good choice for any level RC enthusiast. The professional design and smart remote controller will bring you a far superior experience.


图层 5


Check here for its detailed features: EAZYRC 1 :18 Arizona

As the leading RC car company in China, FMS will continue to produce more remote control cars on different scales, including 1/6, 1/12, and 1/18, all more cost-effective, high-quality RC vehicles waiting on board. So stay tuned. The best and most up-to-date source of RC car, truck, and drone news, reviews is available here.





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