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  • Q Are all the products listed on the website available for wholesale making?

    A Yes, feel free to contact us for more details.
  • Q How does your quality management work?

    A FMS has strict materials control and standard production process, and strict and standard quality inspection before delivery follows.
  • Q How long does it take from project inquiry to sales?

    A It usually takes 2 months to get from project inquiry to sales.
  • Q Can we visit the factory before the trade?

    A Yes, we are more than happy to welcome our client to visit our factory which is based in Dongguan, China.
  • Q What are the payment terms?

    A We accept T/T.
  • Q Does your factory have Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

    Yes, OEM usually has the MOQ but it varies from product to product.
  • Q Is reliable quality control and safety management system available in your factory?

    A Yes, we have an ISO management system.
  • Q The right crowd for model airplanes?

    A As the model aircraft needs a certain amount of investment, as well as considerable hands-on and theoretical basis, and a considerable amount of time will be invested in the follow-up, it is not recommended to be too young and under the age of 15.
  • Q Tips for beginners:

    A First of all, make a self-evaluation according to personal hobbies, hands-on ability and financial level, and decide the direction to start the model aircraft, such as fixed wing, straight plane and multi axis. The introduction of fixed wing is relatively simple, and the straight plane is relatively difficult. Due to the progress of flight control and GPS stabilization technology, the personal technical requirements of multi axis are also relatively low in the case of high investment. Model aircraft is different from toy aircraft, it has high risk, please be careful.
  • Q How high can a plane fly?

    A  The height of a model aircraft should be determined according to its basic type and the material and power used. Generally, there is no problem in the range of 0-1000 meters. It is generally believed that the height of a model aircraft is fixed wing > multi axis > helicopter.
  • Q How far can a plane fly?

    A The flight distance of an aircraft is mainly determined by two factors: its own energy and controllable distance, generally 0-20000 meters, but in most cases, you will fly within 500 meters, because you can see the attitude of the aircraft within this distance.
  • Q How to become a master from a newcomer?

    A  Every expert comes step by step from a newcomer, but not every novice can become an expert. If a newcomer wants to grow up quickly, he should first learn by himself and do more hands-on exploration. Secondly, he must have an experienced hand to guide him to get started. Only in this way can he get started quickly. It is difficult to make progress simply by building a car behind closed doors and relying on an experienced hand to help install and adjust the machine.




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