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rc cars china wholesalers reminds the difference between model cars and remote control cars

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What is a simulated car model? The simulated car model is also a car model. The simulation model is a car model that is strictly scaled down according to the shape, structure, and color of the real car, and the interior parts are strictly scaled down. Generally speaking, it can be divided into static car models and dynamic car models in terms of performance. Because the car model truly restores the main characteristics of the car, it is excellent in workmanship, and contains the car culture itself, so it is very valuable for collection. Let rc cars china wholesalers tell you the difference between the two today.

What is a remote control car? The remote control car refers to a toy that is reduced to a certain proportion according to the basic structure and appearance of the car, and can be controlled by remote control and playable toys.

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Its structure includes inertial type, mechanical type, electric type and electric remote control type, etc. The size of this product is flexible and the toy car designer does not need the authorization and technical support of the original car factory.

The characteristics of a simulated car model are: standard proportions, real car models, meticulous production and authorization from the original factory. The simulation car model must have the original model it represents. The original model can be reduced according to a certain standard ratio, but it is an important standard for measuring the manufacturing level of a car model with the accuracy of the original car ratio. The size design of the remote control car can be large or small, not so strict.

In order to truly reproduce the appearance of the original car in terms of overall appearance, the simulation car model generally does not modify the appearance of the prototype car, let alone imagine a car out of thin air. Many remote-controlled cars may imitate a real car, and the manufacturer will modify it according to customer preferences and the level of production technology.

The car model is highly simulated in detail. The entire car model will be composed of hundreds or more parts, and each part is reduced to the corresponding parts of the original car model. The more parts of the car model and the finer the parts, the higher the production process of the car model. The details of the remote control car will not be as strict as the simulation model




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