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rc cars manufacturers introduce car model maintenance knowledge

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-31      Origin: Site

When rc cars manufacturers prompt to save the car model, it is best not to leave it in the air. It is best to place it in a place that is not easy for children to avoid accidentally dropping the car model. Not only is the car model easily damaged, but it may also hurt the child.

High temperature exposure is forbidden. Do not expose the model to direct sunlight or high spotlights for a long time, otherwise it will easily cause the paint wheels and plastic parts to age, which may cause a series of deformations and wrinkles. The rubber tires are prone to oxidation and thermal dissolution problems.

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Avoid damp environments. When the zinc alloy car model is placed in a damp place for a long time, the body alloy will be easier to oxidize, and may even cause black spots and blisters on the paint. When storing, you should try to keep the place in a dry environment.

The tires are placed in the air. Generally speaking, the weights of models produced by different car model manufacturers are different. For heavy car models that need to be placed for a long time, it is best to use plexiglass or small wooden blocks to raise the wheels to prevent the tires from sticking to the base.

Do not use excessive force when playing. The car model is assembled with many parts. Some parts are particularly small. They must be anti-falling, shock-proof and pressure-proof. Be careful when you do it. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the parts.




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