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  • Three types of RC model car drive modes


    There are only three RC model car power drive modes, oil drive, methanol drive and electric drive, in order to help you understand more intuitively the characteristics of different power modes of RC model cars. We will briefly analyze each power mode according to its characteristics and advantages. Read More

  • What is a SAFE device for RC planes?


    What is a SAFE device for RC planes? When you browse some RC airplane websites and related information, you may notice something called safety receiver, many RC airplanes are equipped with this device now, what is this device? What is this device and what can it do to the RC aircraft? 1. SAFE Techno Read More

  • Remote control system for custom rc car and rc jet airplane


    The reason why RC is called RC is largely because of the remote control system. The remote control is generally composed of two parts, one is the remote control and the other is the receiver. After years of development of remote control technology, the current remote control technology has evolved f Read More

  • Wholesale remote control cars introduces how to choose suitable remote control cars for children


    When choosing wholesale remote control cars, you first need to choose a car with a better bonding effect for the whole car. The parts are glued together, so that the car is not easy to remove, thereby reducing the risk of children swallowing parts, driving wheels and the car. Faces, there are still Read More

  • rc cars manufacturers introduce car model maintenance knowledge


    When rc cars manufacturers prompt to save the car model, it is best not to leave it in the air. It is best to place it in a place that is not easy for children to avoid accidentally dropping the car model. Not only is the car model easily damaged, but it may also hurt the child.High temperature expo Read More

  • rc plane manufacturer introduces the remote control system for model airplanes


    According to rc plane manufacturer, the remote control system is a model airplane nervous system, which can ensure smooth circuit and stable and reliable operation. Generally speaking, the two aileron servos on the wing are controlled by the same channel, and they need to be connected in parallel wi Read More

  • TOP 4 model airplane manufacturer


    1.COOLER STUFFCOOLER STUFF CO., LIMITED is mainly engaged in toy manufacturing and toy trading. Headquartered in Shantou, the hometown of toys, the company's professional team is committed to providing R&D, sales and service of remote control toys.Its own brand JJRC enjoys a high reputation in overs Read More

  • Top 5 RC aircraft manufacturer's best-selling product


    1.HobbyZone——Carbon Cub S2Product selling point: This remote control aircraft has a multi-functional flight and a very dazzling appearance, and it is easy to use and easy to operate. It can control the flying model anytime and anywhere.Product advantages: This flexible, durable, and powerful remote- Read More

  • rc cars manufacturers tips how to correctly choose remote control cars


    When purchasing, you must choose the whole car with good bonding effect. This is very important, because the bonding is good, so that the parts are not easy to detach, which can reduce the risk of easy damage to the parts. Therefore, when choosing a remote control car, choose a solid Durable, let rc Read More

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